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Eight Dragons (OTC: EDRG) is a technology-investment firm that invests in and operates companies to support a full-stack development ecosystem for start-ups. 

We are headquartered in Miami, FL and commenced operations in 2017.

We seek to help companies using innovation and vision to address the world’s biggest challenges and realize exponential opportunities.


“A young entrepreneur faces so many hurdles to success, some of which she may not even know about, not because she’s unprepared, but solely because she is a first-time visionary. We should be rewarding these brave founders for that initiative, not allowing them to get blind-sided. By giving our entrepreneurs a full-stack ecosystem and allowing them to focus on what they’re experts in, we can support them on their path – from inception to realization – which greatly increases their chances of success.”

Una Taylor, Chairman and CEO, Eight Dragons





Una Taylor

Una Taylor is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eight Dragons Co. Prior to launching Eight Dragons, she was founder and Chief Executive Officer of Renewable Supplies LLC, which has been delivering renewable, non-polluting power to homes and businesses in the Caribbean region since 2010. She also served as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DreamFu Ventures, a venture builder that uses its network of mentors and angel investors to help shape ideas, develop entrepreneurs, and invest in start-up companies.

Theodore Faison

Theodore Faison

Theodore Faison is a Board Member of Eight Dragons Co. Mr. Faison is also Chairman and co-founder of World Cup of Sales. He also oversees Strategic Embedded Solution Partnerships for IBM Analytics.

Jeff Ransdell

Jeff Ransdell

Jeff Ransdell is Senior Advisor to Eight Dragons Co. Mr. Ransdell is also co-founder and Managing Partner of Rokk3r Fuel, a venture capital firm. Prior to Rokk3r Fuel, he was Divisional Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, joining Merrill Lynch in 1994 and was responsible for $138 billion in private client investments as well as serving as a member of the operating committee.


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